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. 11 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Celebrate Halloween

. A Letter of Information For Those Left Behind

. A Man's Approach To Wealth Reveals His Relationship With God

. A Paradox - The Greatness Of The 'Simple'

. A Picture Of Christ In The Old Testament

. A Promise From God If You Meet This Condition

. A Promise To Those Who Have Waited In Patience

. A Word By Any Other Name Remains The Same

. After Repeatedly Rejecting God

. All Sin Starts in Suggestion of Pleasure

. An Appointment With The Word 'Woe'

. An Entire Generation Deceived

. April Fools – Rightly So Called

. Are Pre-Trib Believers 'Escapists?'

. Are There ANY Left Who Will Yet Repent? I Fear Not

. Are You A Good Person? Most Think They Are

. Are You Being Pruned?

. Are You Broke? Living From Check To Check?

. Are You Investing For Retirement?

. Are You Listening To False Prophets Or False Teachers?

. Are You On The Inside Or The Outside?

. Are You Shy? What IS Shyness?

. Are You Under The Judgment Of 'Delusion'?

. Are You UnderThe Influence?

. Are You Willing To Be Shown What's Really Inside You?

. As Darkness Looms

. Be Careful Which Version Of The Bible You Use

. Be Merciful To Me Oh God

. Because You Have Kept The Word Of My Patience

. Being Born In A Barn Does Not Make You A Cow

. Believers Are Set Apart To Truth

. Can A Liberal 'Believer' Be Born Again?

. Can You Be Unequally Yoked And Win?

. Cleaning Up One's Act Is Not Repentance

. Coming Out Of Darkness

. Darkness Must Come Before The Dawn

. Darkness Must Surrender To Light

. Define Wickedness

. Deja Vu

. Desensitized Into Hell

. Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

. Do Not Fear Evil Tidings

. Do We All Pray To The Same God?

. Do You Believe In God's Integrity?

. Do You Believe The 'Experts'?

. Do You Have "A Thorn In The Flesh?"

. Do You Have A Promise From God - And The Opposite Happens?

. Do You Know His Voice?

. Do You Know How To Protect Yourself From Deception?

. Do You Trust In 'Science Falsely So Called'?

. Do Your Prayers Bounce Off The Ceiling?

. Does God Ever Change His Mind?

. Does Your Heart Boast To You Of Your Goodness?

. Does Your Income Go Into A Bag With Holes?

. Don't Fall Into The Trap Satan Is Luring You Into

. Don't Play Russian Roulette With Your Eternity

. Don't Stand In Regret In The End

. Eat, Drink, And Be Merry?

. Eating The Fruit Was Not The First Sin

. Evil Men Reject The Law of God

. Evolution – 'Science Falsely So Called'

. Famous Atheists' Last Words

. Final Call To Repentance

. Forgiveness Takes Great Humility

. Four Kinds of Heart

. God Has Invested In You

. God Is Not Distant And He Is Not Silent

. God Is Present – And He Is Not Silent

. God Looks On Him And Pardons Me

. God Turned It For Good

. God's Faithfulness Does Not Depend On Our Worthiness

. God's Insurance Policy

. God's Roles For Marriage Versus The World's Views

. Hard Decisions

. Has Your Love Become Stale?

. Have I Crossed Over That Line Where There Is No More Mercy?

. Have You Been Born Again?

. Have You Come For The 'Benefits'?

. Have You Forgotten?

. Have You Never Questioned The Traditions Of Your Forefathers?

. He Drives Mediums Mad

. He Just Let Him Walk Away

. He Was Guilty Before Heaven's Court

. He Was Rejected For Us

. He Will Multiply What Little You Have

. Hold On My Child

. Horoscopes

. How Can I Know If I've Been Deceived?

. How Can You Be Protected From Deception?

. How Do We Grow Spiritually To Adulthood?

. How Does One Get Faith?

. How Not To Live In Fear

. How To Be Delivered From The Torturers

. How To Love A Warthog

. How To Pray Effectively

. How To Receive What You Lack

. How Unsearchable Are His Ways

. How We Are Vexed!

. How Will One Recognize The Antichrist?

. How Would You Define The Word 'Good?'

. If He Comes In The Darkness Will You Have Enough Light?

. If I Had No Other Reason To Believe

. If There's A God – Why Is There Evil In The World?

. If This Life Is All There Is

. If Your Religion Was Wrong Would You Want To Know The Truth?

. In Grief And Sorrow We Lose Perspective

. Involvement In The Occult Is Spiritual Adultery

. Is Fear Holding You Back?

. Is Israel Doomed?

. Is The Bible Like A Foreign Language To You?

. Is There Life After Death?

. Israel's Restoration Signals The End Of The Age

. It All Depends On Who Is Wearing The Crown

. It All Depends On Who Owns The Keys

. It All Depends On Your Priorities

. It All Depends Upon The Foundation Your House Is Built On

. It Has To Start With The Truth

. It Takes Courage To Follow Jesus Christ

. It's Not In Religion - It's In Hearing God's Voice

. It's Now Or Never

. Know The Signal

. Lest They Trample Them Under Foot

. Listen!

. Many Are Called To Walk Alone

. Medical Illnesses Don't Speak!

. Miracle At Thanksgiving

. Missing Ministries

. Multitudes In The Valley Of Decision

. No Greater Gift Could Anyone Receive

. No Matter What – I Will Worship You!

. Not All Is 'The Great Power of God'

. Of Myself – I Can Do Nothing

. Oh Come And Walk With The Lord With Me

. One Stands or Falls - On The Word of God

. Our Blessed Hope

. Our First President Established Thanksgiving

. Our Journey Is Short - Don't Waste It

. Peace In The Storm

. Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

. Pride – The Great Destroyer Of Men

. Proclaim His Name Everywhere

. Prophecy – The Proof of The Word of God

. Questions When In Hard Times

. Refusing To Wait Can Bring Disaster

. Results Of Dabbling In The Occult

. Run From There

. Run, Run, Run, But Getting Nowhere

. Salvation Is Not The End - It's The Beginning

. Satan Has Every Advantage - For A Purpose

. Satan Is Limited In What He Can Predict

. Satan's Efforts Against You Will Backfire On His Own Head

. Satan's Hour

. Should Believers Be 'Preppers'?

. Sin Is A Living Force

. Sins Passed Down To The 3rd and 4th Generations

. Speak, Lord, Through Your Word

. Speaking Peace With Evil Intent

. Spiritual Adultery – The Path Of The Destroyer

. Stop Nagging! It Doesn't Work

. Stop The Argument – Turn To Prayer

. Straining At A Gnat While Swallowing A Camel

. Such A Great Work - Disregarded By Most

. Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses As You Watch The Israel Story

. The Books Satan Raises Up To Replace God's Word

. The Bread of Adversity

. The Christian Response To Halloween

. The Conflict – My Lie vs Truth

. The Crucial Decision All Must Make

. The Door Is Soon To Close

. The Door Opens For A Moment Then Shuts

. The Ecumenical Heresy

. The End Of The Wicked Is Emptiness

. The Enemy Will Hang On The Gallows He Erected For You

. The Entertainer Will Not Enter The Kingdom Of God

. The Father Patienly Awaits Our Maturity

. The Fertilized Cell Of A Human Embryo Is Eternal

. The Foolish Man's Interests Betray Him

. The God Of The Past Is God Of The Present

. The Great 'Dry Bones' Prophecy

. The Great Physician

. The Greatest Insult One Can Give To God

. The Head And Shoulders Man

. The Heartache of Betrayal

. The Heartache Of The Father

. The Humility That Made Him Great

. The Intercessor Must Understand Spiritual Laws

. The Last Recorded Words Of Christ To The Church

. The Mark of the Beast Is A Mockery Of The Word Of God

. The Most Crucial Test In Your Life

. The New Age Movement Is Deadly

. The Peace of Jerusalem

. The Perfect Father

. The Plot Behind The Plot

. The Privilege of Witnessing Bible Prophecy Being Fulfilled

. The Proper Way To Approach God

. The Rapture - Margaret MacDonald Was NOT Darby's Source

. The Rapture And Daniel's 70 Weeks

. The Rich Wretches

. The Satisfaction From Walking In Your Unique Calling

. The Shock And Awe Of The Resurrection (Mary! Robboni!)

. The Sign Given In Our Generation

. The Solution Requires A New Operating System

. The Spirit Of Prophecy

. The Strong Delusion

. The Summons To A Different Perspective

. The Testimony of Jesus Is The Spirit Of Prophecy

. The Timing of The Rapture

. The Valley Of Decision

. The Walk Of Faith

. The Way Up Is Down

. The Ways Of The World Sound So Good

. The Wisdom In Surrender

. The World is Now Ready For the Antichrist

. THEN They Shall Know Who Is God And Who Isn't

. There Is A Glorious Purpose For It All

. There Is Always A Story Behind The Story

. There Is No Mercy In Karma

. There Is No Sin?

. There Is Only ONE Way To Heaven

. There Is Only One You

. There Is PURPOSE In Your Suffering

. There Shall Be No Foreign Gods Among You

. There Will Be Light In The Darkness

. There's A Great Change Coming

. They Can't Say They Weren't Informed

. They Loved Not Their Lives To The Death

. They Revel In Their Contempt For The Just

. They Sanctify The Profane

. They Surrendered Their 'Rights'

. They'll Fall For Anything

. Things That Don't Get Preached On Might Be The Most Important Of All

. This Calls For Discernment

. Those Practicing Lawlessness Will End In The Fire

. To Be Thankful

. To Visit A Fortune Teller - How Serious A Sin Is This?

. Too Religious To Surrender

. Turn Your Judgments Into Blessings

. Two Hearts - Two Destinies

. Two Observable Kingdoms Here And Now

. Understanding Child-Like Faith

. Unquestioning Obedience

. Uttering Error Against The Lord

. Waiting Till You're Clean Will Keep You Away Forever

. We Are Accountable To Know The Time Of Our Visitation

. We Are Accountable To Recognize The Time

. We Are All Born In A Fallen Human Nature

. We Are Called To Bring The Gospel To A Lost And Dying World

. We Must Have The Faith Of A Child

. Wearing Medals For Good Luck and Protection

. We're Watching A Miracle

. What Does 'Narrow' Mean?

. What Holds People Back From Coming To The Lord?

. What Is Faith?

. What Is More Dangerous Than Success!

. What Is The Background of The Counselors You're Listening To?

. What Is The Last Trump?

. What Is The UFO Phenomena Leading To?

. What Is Your Makeup And What Will You Do With It?

. What Makes God Sick To His Stomach?

. What Makes The Bible Different From All Other 'Holy' Books?

. What Men Strive For Will Never Satisfy

. What Satan Can Accomplish Through Clever Lies

. What Was The First Sin?

. When 'Faith' Doesn't Work

. When Fasting Is The Only Way

. When It's Too Late

. When No Atonement Can Be Made For The Land

. When The Foundations Are Destroyed

. When They Say They Can't - Believe That They Can't

. Where Has The Reverence Gone?

. Where Miracles Happen

. Which Are You?

. Which Of The Commandments Do You Break?

. Which One Of Us Can Do This?

. Which Voices Are You Listening To?

. Who Are "The Saints"?

. Who Are The False Prophets Among Us?

. Who Do You Say That I Am?

. Who Is Jesus Christ?

. Who Is Pre-eminent In Your Life?

. Who Is The 'Restrainer?'

. Why Do People Reject God?

. Why Is There So Much Suffering In The World?

. Why The World Is Corrupt

. Why They Want To Get Rid Of Him

. Why Win Souls?

. Why Witches And Satanists Celebrate Halloween

. Why Would God Harden A Person's Heart? Isn't That Unfair?

. Will All Be Taken In The Rapture?

. Will You Be Saved Because You Are A Good Person?

. Without His Blood There Is No Atonement For Your Sins

. Would You Sell All To Buy This Field?

. You Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

. You Can Tell Who Is The God Of A Nation

. You Can't Prepare To Endure The Tribulation

. You Have A Very Unilque Calling

. You Have No Idea How Important Your Prayers Are

. You'd Never See Them On A Donkey

. Your Father Delights In You

. Your Gifts And Talents Are Very Specific

. Your Role Is Unique And No One Else Can Play It