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Come Out Of Her My People

Satan doesn't care what you believe - as long as it isn't the truth. He has managed to create multitudes of religions and loves to foster hatred between them. 

The bottom line is: what is the truth?

This site reveals the deceptions in the religions who lure people into believing that it's all about being "good." That's what all of these have in common - the belief that salvation is achieved if one is good enough. It's the greatest deception since the garden of Eden.

There is only one faith whose founder came into the world to save them because they AREN'T "good," the only one who bore in himself the judgment on the sins of mankind. His name is Jesus Christ.

Take a look at the testimonies of those who found they were deceived. And then ...take a look at the only Redeemer God has provided for the salvation of mankind.


There is one other distinction in this Redeemer too - he is the only one of them who is alive today. Mohammed is dead. Buddha is dead. Joseph Smith is dead. Ellen G. White is dead. Every founder of every religion is dead. 

Jesus Christ is alive, and he offers eternal life to those who receive him.

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