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Pastor JD Farag

Bible Prohecy Updates

Pastor JD is one of the most reliable sources of information on what's happening in the world as it concerns believers. He thoroughly researches and vets all the information he puts out and makes those resources available on his website. Below are his most recent broadcasts.

June 16

Pastor JD explains why it is that in a peculiar passage, Jesus says to remember Lot’s wife when asked a prophecy question about when the end would come.

June 9

Pastor JD explains why details in scripture speak to how the pre-tribulation rapture is no longer just possible, but now most probable, given the swiftness with which everything is happening.

April 28

Pastor JD provides three Biblical reasons as to why it is that Bible prophecy is so controversial and even seemingly conspiratorial.

April 14

Pastor JD explains what we can do when Bible prophecy causes division within a marriage, a family, or a church fellowship.

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