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Pastor JD Farag

Bible Prohecy Updates

Pastor JD is one of the most reliable sources of information on what's happening in the world as it concerns believers. He thoroughly researches and vets all the information he puts out and makes those resources available on his website. Below are his most recent broadcasts.

September 24

Pastor JD has an encouraging Word concerning the Lord protecting us from all evil as we see that great and final day fast approaching.

September 17

Pastor JD talks about redirecting our attention back on the Lord, as we wait for the Lord, and on the Lord, and explains its importance in terms of Bible prophecy.

September 10

Pastor JD offers a word of encouragement to those who are filled with fear concerning the many “what if’s” in this, the last hour, prior to the pre-trib rapture.

September 3

Pastor JD explains, through the lens of Bible prophecy, why everything happening in the world and in the lives of many Christians is getting so overwhelming

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