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The Great Revivals

The one common denominator
is that they were all birthed in prayer.

Revival Breaks Out In Wales

At the same time as the revival in America was getting underway, revival was also springing up in Wales.  More than a hundred years earlier, revival had broken out in Scotland, under the preaching of George Whitfield. And now the great Welsh revival sprang up thoughout Wales.

The Red River Meeting House

James McGready was mightily used by God in the "Second Great Awakening" on the American frontier. It began at this log cabin out in the middle of nowhere,  in a region of the country filled with criminals and fugitives. It not only had a profound effect on the local area of Logan County Kentucky, or the frontier state as a whole, but left its mark on succeeding generations in the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, and the Carolina’s.

Spiritual Revival in Colonial America

 This documentary traces the origins of the Great Awakening and follows its progression throughout the American colonies. Nearly 100 years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, the New England colonists had largely traded the Christian ideals of their forebearers for the gods of material success. But then the Great Awakening swept through New England and the other colonies bringing about a powerful spiritual renewal.

The Laymens Revival in America - 1857

One single man with a burning heart to see revival, passed out leaflets in Manhattan, New York city, inviting all and everyone to come for prayer. No one showed up. But Jeremiah Lanphier didn't give up. In the end, his efforts brought about the great American revival of 1857–58, a revival that would spread around the world.

Azuza Street Revival Documentary

One of the most well-known revivals fell upon the United States in the very early 1900's. Thousands were saved and it is out of this revival that many of today's pentecostal denominations were born.

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